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Confidence Clash” is a great way to introduce disc golf to your area or take a break from tournament play. Each player receives a Players Pack with everything needed to play in a clash or to play a casual round of disc golf. These events are aimed to help promote disc golf in your area with a fun 1-round format. Check our calendar to see if a Confidence Clash is scheduled in your area. If not, run one yourself! A Confidence Clash can be scheduled from July to November. Everyone that attends a Confidence Clash event will receive a Players Pack, which includes a Special Blend Driver, a Premium Swirly Colored Mid-Range, an Exclusive Legend Series Putter, Legacy Towel, mini disc, sticker, a wristband and a discount code to the Legacy Disc Pro-Shop ( That’s over $80 worth of product for only $30! Each Confidence Clash will have 3 winners per event, one in each category (Men, Women and Juniors).
Each division winner will be awarded a Legacy Discs Bag, Discs, a Confidence Bag and a lanyard. Each tournament will receive a banner to hang at the venue and pencils for each player.