Q: What is a “Confidence Clash”?

A: A Confidence Clash is a great way to introduce disc golf to beginners and a fun way to mix things up from competition rounds. Competitors play 1 round of disc golf using the players Pack discs.

Q: Who can run a “Confidence Clash”?

A: Anyone can run a Confidence Clash!

Q: How do I secure a “Confidence Clash” in my area?

A: Please fill out the registration form found on this page and we will send you a confirmation email.

Q: When can I run a “Confidence Clash”?

A: You can run a Confidence Clash during the months of July, August, September, October or November. You must have your event registered 5 weeks before the date of your event to guarantee your player packs. Remember, you have to give yourself plenty of time to promote the event to get the best turnout possible.

Q: Do I receive any promotional items or anything to help run a “Confidence Clash”?

A: Each tournament will receive pencils, scorecards and a banner. Additional materials can be found on the Confidence Clash page on our website.

Q: What does a TD receive for running a “Confidence Clash”?

A: Tournament Directors for each event will receive a Players Pack.

Q: What does a player receive for playing in a “Confidence Clash”? 

A: Everyone that attends a Confidence Clash event will receive a Players Pack, which includes a Premium plastic Driver, premium plastic Mid-Range, Protege/Gravity Putter, Legacy Towel, and sticker sheet. Over $60 worth of product for only $35!

Q: What does the winner of a “Confidence Clash” receive?

A: Each Confidence Clash will have 3 winners per event, one in each category (Men, Women and Juniors).
Each division winner will be awarded a Legacy Discs pro shop gift cards. 

Q: How should I promote the event?

A: The best way to promote the event is to set up flyers in or around the local area you plan to run a Confidence Clash. Our website flyers you can download and add the location, date and time of your event. Legacy Discs will also advertise your Confidence Clash on our social media accounts. 

Q: How do I order my player packages, and when do I need to pay?

A: You will need a valid credit card to order. Orders cannot be processed until payment is received.

Q: When should I order my player packages?

A: Plan to order exact number of packs at least three weeks before your event. Regardless of when you order, your player packs will not be sent until just prior to your event. You will be notified via email when your order ships.

Q: What is the minimum number of player packages I can order?

A: 30.

Q: What will my costs be?

A: The TD (Tournament Director) Pack is free (Legacy gear for you). The prize Pack is free (discs and merchandise for the winner). Your cost is $30 for each Players Pack plus an additional fee for shipping. Each Players entry fee is $35, so the remainder is profit for you, your club, or a charity. Or you can use the additional money to provide more prizes for players or additional perks like lunch.

Q: How do I determine how many player packages I should order?

A: The easiest way is to pre-register your players. Many Confidence Clash events will order a “cushion” amount of additional Packs to cover players who show up the day of the event. Depending on how much you promoted, ordering an additional ten to twenty player Packs is generally considered safe.

Q: If I order more player packages than I use, can I return the unused packs?

A: TDs are responsible for all Player Packs ordered, returns will not be accepted. However, if you end up with more than you use, it is very easy to get your investment back, since the Pack is worth significantly more.

Q: Can I order specific colors and weights on my player pack discs?

A: Yes, this year TD’s are allowed to order from our whole selection of discs. Weights can be selected but color will depend on availability. 

Q: Can I order XX number of player packages now, and more later if I need to?

A: Yes, as long as each additional order meets the 30-player Pack minimum.

Q: Is my Confidence Clash sanctioned by the PDGA?

A: No, which is a benefit because anyone may participate without paying extra fees.

Q: My park is asking me to insure my event. Does Legacy offer insurance?

A: No. It is very rare that a park won’t automatically cover your event, but budget cuts have caused a few to request outside insurance. It is a very low cost, we suggest contacting an insurance company for more details.

Q: There is already a Confidence Clash scheduled in my area. Can I still run one?

A: We would like at least a 25-mile buffer zone between each Confidence Clash or a 1-month period. Please contact us for special arrangements.

Q: What if I need to change my event date?

A: That isn’t a problem, as long as it is later in the calendar year. To change your info, you must contact us first so adjustments can be made to the master calendar.

Q: Can I run more than one event?

A: Yes! You can run more than one Confidence Clash. If you are running more than one event, please ask about disc options.

Q: I am a retailer, and a Confidence Clash is a great deal. Can I buy player packages with the intention of reselling them?

A: No. Confidence Clash prices are low to enable a fun and affordable event for players. While retailers are encouraged to run Confidence Clash events, purchases with the intent of resale are forbidden. Any business found in violation of this policy may lose its ability to order future products direct from the manufacturer, and instead be required to purchase Legacy Discs products from a wholesaler.

Q: Legacy Discs recommends I shorten the holes on my course between 180-250 feet for the Confidence Clash. Can I go shorter? How do I shorten the longer holes?

A: You may shorten the distance to the holes to give more players a better chance. Remember that we encourage juniors to play and the course should be fun for everyone. The best way to shorten up holes is to make temporary tee pads with flags.

Q: Can I bring in additional sponsors?

A:Yes. You are encouraged to make your event as big and successful as possible.

Q: I want to create separate divisions. Can I break up the Grand Prize between them?

A: No. You may create separate divisions if you like, but the Grand Prize must be awarded to your top player in each division, and cannot be broken up. If you make separate divisions, you must generate prizes for additional divisions on your own through sponsorship or club donation. We are offering additional discs that may be purchased separately for these cases. Please ask if you are interested.

Q: I want to serve lunch to my players. Is it okay to increase my entry fee to cover costs?

A: No. All Confidence Clash entry fees must be $35. If you want to offer additional side games or other benefits such as lunch, these must be optional for all players and not mandatory