Fairway Driver

What is a fairway Driver?

Fairway Drivers are the bridge between midrange and distance drivers. Taking elements from both, the fairway represents distance and finesse for all of those in-between shots. These discs have a low profile and a smaller rim than their big brother counterparts. The smaller rims allow for better grip and a much more comfortable feel in the hands.This provides more control during the throwing motion, making it easier for all players to get a full flight out of the disc. This type of disc ranges from speeds 6-9 and can reach distances of 250-400 ft. 

It is recommended to start off with fairways before you reach for a distance driver. Fairways also come in a multitude of stabilities, making them a versatile type of discs. You might find yourself reaching for a fairway in narrow corridors, or when you need to safely land on the green but still have some hundred feet to go. 

Since fairways are easy to throw many players rely on this type of disc to get most of the work on the field done. Sometimes, all it takes to save a stroke is a well placed fairway shot. Build up your confidence with a fairway driver and see what heights your game can reach.