First Impressions of The Phenom

Eric Stachnick

Eric Stachnick

Team Legacy

The first time I threw a Legacy Phenom, I was pleasantly surprised.  My go to legacy fairway driver for straight lines was the Patriot, but I found myself at Pier Park in Portland and I had a lightweight Phenom in my travel bag that I bought for my kid.  I gave the release a slight hyzer flip up and let it go.  The disc got up to flat and then subtly continued to bend in a slight anhyzer, missing  trees in the tight fairway, continuing straight ,and finally finishing back to the basket.  The tight s-line was a surprise, and the way it carried with incredible glide deep through the woods made me take notice.

Since that first flight, I have come to respect the Phenom at multiple weights.  I have found that with lighter weights (167) thrown at full speed with a hyzer flip, I can trust shots for me as a lefty, that mimic a right handed hyzer shot.  My lighter weight discs anhyzer well and finish clean.  When I throw a full weight Phenom, the result is a tight s-line that finishes well.  The result is a trustworthy shot that ends on the strait line I was aiming at.  When I put extra power into the shot, instead of the dreaded throwler (a shot between an anhyzer throw and a roller), I get an amazing shot that bends anhyzer a few degrees and finishes well allowing me to bend up some tricky lines.

Pick up a Legacy Phenom and discover for yourself why this is one tool you must have in the bag.