custom Tournament Packages

Legacy is here to bring some swag to your next event! When you place a tournament custom order, we provide you with a tournament package based on the amount spent. We have a four tier system in place that dictates which package you will receive. We offer the same high quality custom stamping process that will bring your tournament artwork to life. You can find the three different packages we provide down below. 

All orders must be for tournaments or events to be able to qualify for tournament packages.     

Tournament custom hot stamping is offered on all our production line plastics: Excel, Gravity, Protégé, Pinnacle, Icon, Legend, and Skyline.

All of our disc models are available for tournament custom hot stamping:

Rampage, Cannon, Outlaw, Aftermath, Recon, Nemesis,Vengeance, Mongoose, Bandit, Enemy, Fighter, Rival, Phenom, Patriot, Recluse, Pursuit, Gauge, Ghost, Valor, Badger, Clozer, Clutch, Prowler, and Hunter. (Availability will vary) 

step 1 choose plastic

*Custom hot stamp fee: $100 for new orders. $20 for reorders.

*50 disc minimum order.

*Add disc order total, excluding all fees 

*Choose package that pertains to your amount down below

step 2 Calculate total and choose