Icon series
Our icon edition has the most grip of all, even in the rain. The icon plastic is of the latest technology that offers the fastest flight, and its durability is second to none. The advantage of having the icon edition in your bag is that it has the fastest flight. The distance in this plastic is phenomenal in all weather conditions. It is grippy, and has a consistent flight pattern. This is a true go to disc when you want extra power on your shot. There is no better choice of plastic when throwing into a head wind.
Pinnacle series
Our pinnacle edition is very durable. Has a higher speed of flight than our base line plastics. The flight patterns are consistent throughout various weather conditions. This plastic has a long life span in which enables a golfer to be confident in knowing exactly what their disc will do. Another advantage is that there is slow curve at the end of each throw instead of a big hook.
Skyline series
The skyline series are a special blend of plastic additives that are merged into our existing icon and pinnacle plastic mixes to achieve a lighter weight for the molds you know and love. These additives are blended and injected into our existing molds to lighten the discs and particularly focus on the outer edge of the rim for consistent balance. The skyline series has close characteristics of our premium series plastics with durability and grip.
Protege Series
Our protégé edition is a stiffer version of our gravity plastic and grippier than our pinnacle plastic. The protégé edition is a very important part of our game because of its rigid blend of plastic. It allows a disc golfer to work the disc in so that as it becomes what we call “beat” it allows the disc to have a unique curve for a negative turn shot.
Gravity Series
Our gravity edition is a soft version of our protégé edition plastic, with a tacky feel for grip. The added flexibility in our gravity edition will absorb the impact of the chains. This blend is great for beginners and experienced professionals alike. Gravity edition plastic is offered in our putters and mid-ranges. Many players appreciate the softer feel, leading to more confidence out of the hand and into the chains. This plastic tends to be slightly less stable than our stiffer protégé edition plastic, supporting a softer touch around the chains.
Our excel edition is a great buy at a low cost. This blend is great for beginning players or experience professionals. The rigidity of the plastic offers a great grip on all models of discs. Excel plastic is less durable than all of our other plastics, making it a great disc to work in quickly, getting a disc to the proper wear of your liking.
Honey bee series
Honey Bee plastic is our newest plastic that we have added to our lineup. A variation of our pinnacle plastic, Honey bee has all the durability Pinnacle plastic offers and added grip like nothing before. Grippy with a long flight life.