Born of 25 years of friendship, Phil Arthur with EV7 and Steve and Bamba Rico with Legacy have come together to create a new putter for Legacy’s Lineup. Phil, Steve, and Bamba competed together in the 90s & 2000’s, ran tournaments, became manufacturers, and helped build the sport into what it is today. Their shared love of the sport and passion for innovation have led to this collaboration, and they are excited to show you what they came up with: the Rebel. 

Plastic Blend

The Rebel is made with a special blend of plastic which gives it a splattered candy look. This blend gives the putter a perfect balance of texture, stiffness, grip, and durability.



The Rebel is an overstable putt and approach disc that flies straight with a predictable fade and soft landing.  It has enough glide for easy distance while staying controllable and predictable.


It has a small bead that helps the disc maintain its stability with wear and tear. The top half of the rim fits well in the hand, and the bottom half of the rim makes it comfortable for fan grips and power grips.



established in 2011, Legacy Discs strives to provide disc golfers the best disc golf gear. we believe in hard work and dedication, and we will stop at nothing.

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