Name: Jeffrey Yunker 

Birthday: July 12, 1976
Hometown Clovis Ca 
Dexterity Right 600 ft hand but can throw lefty 450  
PDGA# 44438
Team member since 2016

Favorite Course

“Home course is Woodward and Kearney park. 

My favorite course is De La, you have to have every shot in the game to play the course well. Second course is Shady Oaks in Orangevale for the same reason. My third is Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. My three favorite tournaments in order are The Las Vegas challenge, San Francisco Safari, and Masters cup in Santa Cruz. Favorite disc mold clutch. Why. It’s the most reliable you can putt with it. It feels good in the hand. Has good glide. and you can drive with it.” 

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 “I have been a full time firefighter for 20 years and I have been playing disc golf since December of 2006. I joined the PDGA in 2010, but truly didn’t start playing a lot of sanction events until 2013.” 

Favorite Discs

“Clutch. Why? It’s the most reliable you can putt with. It feels good in the hand. Has good glide and you can drive with it.” 

In the Bag

Distance Drivers

2 Icon Cannon (174g), (169g)

Pinnacle Cannon (173g)

Icon Rampage x3(175g)

Pinnacle Outlaw x2(175g)

Color Glow Outlaw (175g)

Legend Outlaw (175g)


Color Glow P.B. Vengeance (175g)

Glow Vengeance (175g)

Legend Vengeance (175g)

Fairway Drivers

Proto Pinnacle (175g)

Shattered Enemy (175g)

Sparkle Enemy (175g) 

Pinnacle Rival x2(174g)

Pinnacle Patriot (175g) 

Shattered Patritot (175g)

Legend Patriot (175g)

Legend Mongoose (175g) 


Protege Ghost (174g)

Protege Pursuit (175g)

Pinnacle Badger (175g)

Recluse (175g)

Flag Dyed Pinnacle Ghost (175g)


Gravity Clutch (175g)

Glow Clutch (175g)

Protege Clutch x2(175g)

Legend Clutch x3(175g)