Name: Sean “Fly’n Hawaiian” Garner

Birthday: September 26,1973

From/Hometown: Honolulu, Hi

Dexterity: Right Handed

PDGA#: 63766

Team Member since: 2014

Home Course: Sharktooth Mountain/ Suicide Flats 

Favorite Course

“Browns And Bows”

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‘Brand Ambassador. Legacy Ohana Owner/Creator. Local Disc Golf Club President. Team Shaka Captain. Dedicated team player and contributor.”


Favorite Discs

“Pinnacle Recluse for its consistent reliability on up shots and drives from the Tee 300’ and in.”

In the Bag

Distance Drivers

2 Pinnacle Rampage (174g)

Icon Cannon 

2 Icon Recon

3 Outlaws 

Icon, Legend, & Glow

Glow Vengeance 

Glow Nemesis

Pinnacle Nemesis 

Fairway Drivers

2 Sparkle Enemy

Glow Phenom (169g)

2 Pinnacle Phenom 

Icon Rival 

Protege Rival 

Pinnacle Rival 


Glow Pursuit 

Pinnacle Recluse 

Legend Recluse 



2 Protege Clozer (173g)

2 Honey Bee Clutch