Name: Lauren Butler

Birthday: 8/19/1990

From/Hometown: Otsego, MN

Dexterity:  Right Hand backhand

PDGA#: 65489

Team Member since 2016 I believe

Favorite Course

“Whatever course is outside when I swing open my van door! I do have fond memories spending my Saturday at Blue Ribbons Pines in Bethel, MN before we went on tour.

Brewster Ridge is a tough but fair, extremely long course in the woods of Vermont. I love the long winding fairways and how beautiful a disc looks as it flies that perfect line. The two courses on the property are maintained beautifully.”

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“My name is Lauren Butler. I am 31 years old. I have been playing disc golf since 2013. I won Rookie of the year when I went Pro in 2018. I have won a few A tier tournaments in my career. I have lived in a van since 2016, when we decided that we would try to live life more simply and enjoy the world as much as possible! I love yoga, hiking, cooking, and reading. I brew my own organic kombucha in the van. Im also a co-owner of a company called Dream Disc Golf Company, where I hand make tie dye clothing and resin minis to support my tour. Our motto at Dream DG is ‘living the dream’, and that’s the way we strive to live everyday!”

Favorite Discs

“My favorite Legacy mold is my Patriot. I just love the way the Patriot feel in the hand. This disc begs to be controlled, as long as I give it the perfect amount of power, I can just it to hit the line in the woods every time.”

In the Bag

Distance Drivers

Pinnacle Outlaw (175g)

Skyline Outlaw 2x(155g)

Pinnacle Nemesis 

Icon Vengeance (174g)

Fairway Drivers

Icon Enemy 2x(169g)

Pinnacle Rival (175g)

Phantom Warrior (175g)

Pinnacle Patriot (175g)

Legend Patriot (175g)


Pinnacle Pursuit (175g)

Icon Recluse (175g)

Gravity Ghost (180g)


Icon Clozer (173g)

Protege Hunter (173g) “for approaches”-Eric S.

2 Compa Blend Hunter (174g) “For putting only”-Eric S.