Name: Jason Boyer (P-Nut)

Birthday: July 17,1980

From/Hometown: Bakersfield, CA



Team Member since 2021

Favorite Course

“Lemmon Drop full Lemon and drop courses before the fires would have to be my favorite and Verdugo hills my next, both these courses share the same reasons for being my top, but with lemon drop the elevation along with the slopes and playing down the side of a Ski slope makes you think of your shot, tests your
endurance, stamina and mental game. There is almost every type of shot can think of
and it is a course that can not be practiced, so you have to play your game and trust
your shots and skills.”

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“I started disc golfing in march 2016, I was introduced to the sport by my
good friend and team member Sean Gardner. I went out just to play a round and
pass the time, little did I know I would play 6 rounds that day and proceed to go buy
an entire bag and discs on the way home. The next day I started watching
video coverage, and 2 days after that started in on trying to learn correct form. This
game has been an experience and a journey, the friends and family I have made
along the way are some of the best I have ever had in my lifetime. I have played a lot
of sports in my lifetime, no sport has ever had the support and the sportsmanship
disc golf does. I have never played a sport where my closest competitor
compliments me on a great shot whether I am winning or losing, this sport is
something great and I am glad to be a part of it.”

Favorite Discs

“Blue Icon Ghost. Dependable has been in my bag for
over 3 years still flys the same.”

In the Bag

Distance Drivers

Pinnacle Outlaw (170g) x2(167g) (169g)

Glow Outlaw (174g)

Icon Outlaw (167g)

Sparkle Outlaw (168g) (174g)

Glow Vengeance (175g)

Fairway Drivers

Shatter Enemy (175g)

Glow Enemy (175g)

Icon Mongoose(164g)

Glow Phenom (175g)

Legend Rival (175g)

Sparkle Rival (174g)

Legend Fighter (169g)


Icon Ghost (172g) (179g)

Pinnacle Ghost (179g)

Icon Recluse (175g)


Gravity Clutch  (173g) (174g)

Gravity Hunter 2x(174g)