Name: Eric Stachnick

Birthday: June 25, 1973

From/Hometown: San Jose. Ca

Dexterity: Left Handed

PDGA#: 19980

Team Member since 2019

Home Course: Kelley Park in San Jose, Delaveaga in Santa Cruz

Favorite Course

“Dela, for her iconic danger, and how as a course built in the early 1980’s has retained relevance as a challenging beautiful course that requires great focus and amazing control. I have spent many rounds in the Truckee Tahoe region, playing the amazing courses my friend Craig Getty has built. Markleeville has been one of my favorites in the region with the diversity of holes and incredible terrain on the east side of the sierras. Hopefully, we get to rebuild the course soon from the devastating fires that ran through the course last year. Sierra College in Truckee is another Getty course, that is tough, but fair and requires so much control to score well. I guess you can say I love a challenge, and these courses draw me back over and over again.”

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“I discovered the game of disc golf in my mid 20’s after college in 1998. Jeff Wind introduced me and taught me how to throw. I started competing in PDGA Sanctioned events in 2001, and played as an amateur, until 2006, when life’s commitments took me from competition for nearly 5 years. When I returned, many of my NorCal friends had grown to become the best in the game. In 2011 my good friend Jon Baldwin won the World Championship title, and it inspired me to pursue Disc Golf with more dedication. I turned pro and slowly worked myself to be competitive. In my early 40’s the hard work began to payoff, as I learned to minimize mistakes and play consistent. When I decided to pursue Disc Golf, I began throwing Legacy Rampages, Cannons, and Patriots. I remember dreaming big in that moment, imagining who I would represent if given the chance, and Legacy was the company I wanted to represent. The journey was long, and filled with great moments and some disappointments, but the fall of 2018, Legacy noticed my efforts and offered a sponsorship. I continue to try and be the best competitor I can be and to help grow the sport through running events like the Mesmerize. The Disc Golf community has been amazing through all the growth I have seen in the 20 plus years, and I look forward to what the future brings!”

Favorite Discs

“The past year I have relied more heavily on my Cannons as a go to driver. I have a few very stable runs which I count on to flatten and hold, but when you have a Cannon that flips over just a little and runs on an anhyzer, before smoothly returning to a predictable finish, it is a love of the flight which cannot be beat. Legacy was founded on the incredible 14 speed drivers the Rico’s wanted to create for the game, but don’t let that distract you from the amazing fairway molds in the lineup! The Patriot is the perfect flip up strait flyer for wooded holes. If you find yourself in more windy conditions, or you need a stronger finish, the Rival is a disc which can fly over 350 on a straight line push right to the target with incredible predictability. Once I discovered I could throw my Rival on a strait line the same distance my Outlaws traveled on a hyzer line, I knew I would always bag a rival, or two.”

In the Bag

Distance Drivers

2 Icon Cannon (174g), (169g)

Pinnacle Cannon (173g)

“I trust to always be over stable”-Eric S.

Icon Rampage (173g)

5th year anniversary glow Outlaw (175g)

Icon Vengeance (175g)

Fairway Drivers

Legend Enemy (174g)

Icon Mongoose(174g)

Icon Phenom (169g)

Icon Rival (169g)

Pinnacle Rival (174g)

Icon Patriot (175g) (174g)


Icon Pursuit (174g)

Pinnacle Valor (173g)

“Versatile mid”-Eric S.

Pinnacle Gauge (180g)

“I trust to hold dead straight”-Eric S.

Icon Gauge (173g)

“for more touch lines”-Eric S.


Icon Clozer (173g)

Protege Hunter (173g) “for approaches”-Eric S.

2 Compa Blend Hunter (174g) “For putting only”-Eric S.