Name: David Madruga 


Birthday: 6/27/1979 


From/Hometown: Auburn CA 


Dexterity: Righty Backhand 


PDGA#: 32315 


Team Member since. 2015 

Favorite Course

Home Course: Auburn Regional Park 


Favorite course and why: Home course Auburn, Delaveaga  it is very challenging.  



About: I picked up disc golf in 2006- 2007. I learned how to play In nor-cal. I learned from older generation of disc golfers. They schooled me how to shape shots and put down a good roller. I have always been able to throw far. I was known for having a big arm, but years of injuries my distance has taken a hit. I have to lean on the other aspects or the game Putting, scrambling, and good course management. 



Favorite Disc/Mold and why: Rival: for me it is the most universal disc that I can make due anything.  

In the Bag

Distance Drivers

Icon Outlaw 5x (175g)

Icon Vengeance 2x(175g)

Fairway Drivers

Enemy (174g)

Icon Mongoose(175g)

Pinnacle Mongoose(175g)

Icon Bandit (175g)

Icon Rival 5x (175g)


Icon Pursuit (175g)

Protege Pursuit 3x(175g)

Protege Ghost (180g)

Sparkle Ghost (180g)

Excel Ghost (180g)

Icon Gauge (175g)


Gravity Prowler (175g)


Protege Prowler (175g)