Name: Christopher Keseloff

Birthday: September 20, 1991

From/Hometown: Cerritos, California

Dexterity: Right Hand, Backhand, Sidearm

PDGA#: 91498

Team Member since: February 2021

Home Course: Eldorado Park, Long Beach, California

Favorite Course

“I’ll have to go with my home course El Dorado Park Long Beach. Its technical, and very difficult when the holes are in the Longest positions. The atmosphere is pleasant, its technical on most holes, flat and has a lot of shade.”

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“I was born in Anaheim, California. Raised in Cerritos. I am 100% Russian ethnicity (3rd Generation). My religion is Christian Molokan. Don’t know much about the language, but I did go to an Orthodox church and learned a lot about my culture. I have a twin brother (fraternal) who is special due to a rare disease called Tuberous Sclerosis. I have an older sister who lives in Oregon. My parents are boomer babies born 1948. My grandpa on my mom’s side is a WW2 Veteran. I grew up around all types of sports, track and field and Basketball. Varsity captain two years in basketball and 3 years in track and field. I never even knew what disc golf was until my co-worker introduced it to me in 2012. My first ever disc golf course I played at is Liberty Park (9 hole) in Cerritos. I borrowed Latitude discs from my co-worker, but my very first disc I purchased was a white first run Legacy Rampage from the Huntington Beach Pro Shop. Since then, I played all the time and grew to love the sport. My first weekly tournament was at Liberty Park. I then learned about getting a PDGA number and playing in sanctioned tournaments. In 2016, I competed in Am Worlds and placed 4th. I was almost ready to move up to Pro, but felt like I left something out and told myself to compete in the Next Generation Tour in 2017. Out of 8000+ Ams throughout the U.S all competing for (at the time) the biggest disc golf purse in Disc golf history, a car, I was able to come out on top and win a 2018 Kia Soul. That was the end of my Amateur career and would then move up to Pro. My first pro tournament was in 2018, Shelly Sharpe Memorial where I placed 3rd place. I knew then I can hang with the big dogs.”

Favorite Discs

“My favorite Legacy Disc are the Vengeance and Enemy. I rely on my sidearm quite often and those discs fit perfectly for my game.”

In the Bag

Distance Drivers

Icon Cannon 3x (175g)

Icon Outlaw 3x(175g)

Glow Vengeance 2x (175g)

Fairway Drivers

Pinnacle Enemy 3x (174g)

Pinnacle Rival 2x(174g)


Pinnacle Ghost (174g)

Pinnacle Valor (180g)

Excel Ghost (180g)


Shatter Clozer (173g)