Name: Chris Hall

Birthday: 7/1/85

From/Hometown: Zimmerman, MN

Dexterity: Right-Handed (Overhand or Forehand dominant) 

PDGA#: 41569

Team Member since: 2021

Home Course: Blue Ribbon Pines

Favorite Course

“Blue Ribbon Pines, without hesitation, is my favorite course: 27 holes with multiple pin places and great tee pads, a pro shop loaded with all kinds of discs (Big selection of Legacy!), and warm smiles to greet you upon arrival.  When your thirsty or hungry, you can stop at the snack shack for tasty treats and big laughs with the one and only Angilee “Ang” Beimert. The course demands all verity of shots with ace runs, tight wooded lines (hello infamous hole #4), and unleashing it all on the driving range hole. During the winter, the tee pads are kept clear/salted and the fairways are plowed. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a putting course tucked behind the shack.”  

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“I discovered the game of disc golf in my mid 20’s after college in 1998. Jef Wind introduced me and taught me how to throw. I started competing in PDGA Sanctioned events in 2001, and played as an Amateur, until 2006, when life’s commitments took me from competition for nearly 5 years. When I returned, many of my NorCal friends had grown to become the best in the game. In 2011 my good friend Jon Baldwin won the World Championship title, and it inspired me to pursue Disc Golf with more dedication.   I turned pro and slowly worked myself to be competitive. In my early 40’s the hard work began to payoff, as I learned to minimize mistakes and play consistent. When I decided to pursue Disc Golf, I began throwing Legacy Rampages, Cannons, and Patriots. I remember dreaming big in that moment, imagining who I would represent if given the chance, and Legacy was the company I wanted to represent. The journey was long, and filled with great moments and some disappointments, but the fall of 2018, Legacy noticed my efforts and offered a sponsorship. I continue to try and be the best competitor I can be and to help grow the sport through running events like the Mesmerize. The Disc Golf community has been amazing through all the growth I have seen in the 20 plus years, and I look forward to what the future brings!”

Favorite Discs

“Compa blend Hunter. The grip of this plastic is fantastic. When new, the disc is very neutral and will hold any line it is put on. As it becomes seasoned from use, it will start to get a little flippy for a nice stand up or turnover line. I use these for approach shots and for putting. In the shatter plastic, the disc is a little more stable but still mostly just neutral and makes a great driving putter for those must have straight shots even after heavy use.”

In the Bag

Distance Drivers

2 Pinnacle Cannon (173g)

Legend Vengeance (175g)

Fairway Drivers

Legend Enemy 

Glow Enemy 

Pinnacle Bandit

Icon Phenom 

Icon Rival 

Glow Rival 

Icon Patriot

Icon Fighter


Glow Recluse 

Pinnacle Valor 

Icon Gauge 


2 Compa Blend Hunter 

2 Glow Compa Hunter 

Shattered Hunter