Name: Ben Vosper

Birthday: 4/20/78

Hometown: Tucson 
Dexterity: Left Hand Backhand 
PDGA: #24784
Team member since: 2014


Team Member since 2019

Home Course: Kelley Park in San Jose, Delaveaga in Santa Cruz

Favorite Course

“Santa Cruz River disc golf course and Lemmon Drop. Having a hand in design along with its temp course status makes me feel excited and privileged to play such a beautiful and demanding course.”
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“I’m a father of a 12 year old daughter. I bounce back and forth from fishing to disc golf in my free time. The wilderness is my fountain of youth. Friendships are my most valuable possessions. I started disc golfing in 2001. Submerged in the local scene, I found myself as am rep, then vice president, and eventually as the president of the Tucson Disc Golf Association. During that time I ran a dozenish B-tiers. I also helped design and run the Lemmon Drop for the first 15 years of its existence. Today, I am retired from running PDGA events, but still help the local community from the sidelines.”

Favorite Discs

“The Rival has become my favorite disc over the last few years. It’s sneaky long and has a tame but reliable finish. The fairway rim ensures a consistent release for my smaller hands”

In the Bag

Distance Drivers

Icon Cannon (175gx2)(167g)

Skyline Cannon (157g)

Legend Cannon (167g)

Icon Outlaw (173g)(168g)

Skyline Outlaw (157g)

Icon Vengeance (175g)

Fairway Drivers

Icon Enemy (169g)

 Glow Enemy (175g)

Icon Mongoose(175g)

Icon Rival (167g)

Pinnacle Rival (174g)

Honey Bee Rival (175g)

Legend Patriot (175g)


Protege Pursuit (169g)

Protege Ghost (179g)


Shattered Hunter (175g)

Gravity Hunter (175g)