Top 5 Courses:

  • Bohart Ranch -Bozeman, MT
  • Diamond X -Billings, MT
  • Milo Mciver -Estacada,OR
  • Winthrop Gold -Rock Hill,SC
  • Patterson Lake -Dickinson,ND

Why those courses: Diamond X, Billings MT. My home course. Incredible views, challenging golf. I’ve been taught more than a few lessons out here 🙂
Bohart Ranch, Bozeman MT. A First class mountain golf experience,this is as good as it gets in Montana, a truly amazing venue.
Winthrop Gold, Rock Hill SC. An honor to play, all that rope still haunts my dreams!!
Patterson Lake, Dickinson ND. The hardest course I have ever played period. The gold layout is an incredible challenge.
Milo Mciver, Estacada OR. Beautiful courses, challenging golf. I miss this place every day 🙂

Seth White

PDGA: #33182


Division: Pro

Years Playing: 10+

Height: 6 ‘2


Hometown: Billings, MT

Currently Living: Billings, MT

Dominant Hand: Right

Most Significant Events: Crazy Horse Open 02, My first tournament, I wound up hitting a 60 foot put to win my division and tie the open winner. I had so much fun playing this event, it got me hooked on competitive disc golf.

Best Disc Golf Memory: USDGC 2010. An incredible experience that was made even better by US doubles the week before. Really the turning point for me as far as knowing how professional a disc golf event could get.

Favorite Disc: Icon Rival

In the Bag: pinnacle outlaws X3, my go to distance driver. Consistency and speed.
Icon rivals X3, the most versatile disc in the world…
Icon patriots X2, long turnovers, straight and controlled fairway drives, this disc is buttery smooth!
Icon enemies X2, spike hyzers, forehands, trick shots, this disc can do it all, stable yet useable.
Gravity ghosts X4, straight stable out of the box with a consistency that lets you throw a control grip with confidence. Best mid range ever!
Pinnacle ghost, when the wind picks up this is my go to mid. Nice and beefy
Icon clozers X3, incredible putter off the tee. Loads fast and goes far with no fear of flipping over.
Protege clozers X2, where the magic happens!!

Strongest Part of Game: Putting

Sponsors: Legacy

Favorite Players: Steve Rico for his calm composure and deadly accuracy around the green. Paul Mcbeth for his incredible mental game. Christian Dietrich for all the inspiration and competition throughout the years.

Disc Golf Goals: obviously getting better is #1. I would really like to crack that 1000+ barrier. My goals for this year are to outwork everyone, gotta put in that practice.

Life Goals: I own a tattoo shop here in Billings so seeing that thrive is a big goal for me. Getting better at art and the process of tattooing is huge for me right now.

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