• DeLaveaga Santa Cruz, California.
  • Hornets Nest  Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Waller Park Santa Maria, California
  • Gold Course Lemon Lake, Indiana
  • Fountain Hills Fountain Hills, California

All of these courses require complete concentration on every shot. Also they have tight windows and small landing zones that make them difficult.

These courses require every shot in your bag.  You have to pick and choose your moments of when to attack and when to play safe.  No matter how good of a driver you are you are going to end up in places you have never been before.  Course management is probably the best way to play them all.  They always have the top field of competitors in Disc Golf.  There is no luck on these courses.  What you get is what you get.  You have to give the utmost focus on every shot or you will be punished.  If you are off by the slightest margin you are penalized. All of these courses are beautiful.


PDGA: #34463


Division: Pro

Years Playing: 7

Height: 58

Birthday: 9/3/96

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, California

Currently Living: San Luis Obispo, California

Dominant Hand: Right

2014 Events: 15

Most Significant Events: Winning Amateur Masters Cup in Santa Cruz then placing 12th in the pro event.

Best Disc Golf Memory: Going into the final 9 of the 2012 End of the Trail classic in a 3 way tie for first and finishing 4 strokes in the lead.

Favorite Disc: Ghost

In the Bag: Clutch, Ghost, Rival, Patriot, Bandit, Rampage

Strongest Part of Game: Midrange game and staying calm throughout a round.

Favorite Players: Paul McBeth because he is a great player and stays calm on the course. Steve Rico because when his putting is on it is quite the show. Andy Parkison because he is a fun guy to play with and always keeps things positive.

Sponsors: Legacy Discs, Voodoo Bags

Other Recreational Activities: Backpacking, rock climbing, bike riding, playing guitar

Disc Golf Goals: Be on the lead card of every tournament I play.

Life Goals: Put 100% into everything I do.

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