Top 5 Courses:

  • Nasu Highland -Shiobara, Tochiigi, Japan
  • Rabbit Flats – Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Veterans Memorial Park – Sylmar, CA
  • Delaveaga – Santa Cruz, CA
  • Fountain Hills – Fountain Hills, AZ

Why those courses:  1. Nasu Highland Japan!!! Phenomenal, beautiful, challenging! What more can I say? I hope the Japan Open comes back!
2. Rabbit Flats, Thousand Oaks , CA. Yeah, I’m biased! I helped design this course that is less than a mile from my home. With three baskets for each of the 9 tees, (which the Rico family did 90% of the work on), it’s the best little (9 acre) course I’ve played. My heart is invested in this course! 🙂
3. Veterans Memorial Park, Sylmar, CA. My heart is invested in Sylmar as well. This was my home course from 1984 to 2011, and I was the course pro and tournament director there for about 18 years. This course has a great variety of shots and very nice elevation changes.
4. Delaveaga, Santa Cruz, CA. Enough has been said about this awesome course. The first time I played there some of the targets were still 4 x 4 inch wooden posts.
5. Fountain Hills, AZ. I find this course so aesthetically pleasing! The fountain is awesome, the green grass rolling fairways are beautiful, and I love the risk/reward aspects.

Mike Byrne

PDGA: #3584


Division: Pro

Years Playing: 34 So many! Since May of 1984, when I saw a commercial on MTV for a Frisbee and Hacky Sack festival at La Mirada Regional Park in California.

Height: 5’11”

Birthday: 21 OCT 1979

Hometown: San Fernando Valley, CA

Currently Living: Thousand Oaks, CA

Dominant Hand:Left

Most Significant Events:5th place at the Japan Open in 2004. I was on the chase card in the final round playing with three World Champions!
My first Open Division win, the Sylmar Disc Golf Championships in 1997. Thank you Bamba and Steve Rico for being out of town! 🙂

Best Disc Golf Memory:-Team Sylmar winning the Southwestern Team Tournament Invitational at Morley Field, San Diego in 2008.
-Seeing my daughter get a hole in one at age 11!

Favorite Disc:Protégé Clutch

In the Bag: What I carry depends on the course and I like to limit my bag to about 13 discs.
-Clutches; Protégé, Gravity, and Icon. (173 gram preferred).
-Ghosts; Gravity and Icon. (175 gram preferred).
-Pinnacle Rivals. (167 gram preferred).
-Cannons; Pinnacle and Icon. (167 gram preferred).
-Rampages; Pinnacle and Icon. (167 and 175 gram preferred).
-Outlaws; Pinnacle and Icon. (167 and 175 gram preferred).
-Icon Mongoose for rollers. (167 gram).

Strongest Part of Game:Scrambling; having many shots; backhand, sidearm, rollers.

Sponsors:Legacy Discs

Favorite Players: -Steve Rico: I’ve known him since he was eight! He’s always been so passionate about the game! It’s amazing that he’s competed at the very highest level for SOOOO long!
-Phil Brathwaite: Philo is a great spirit with a big heart. The first time I played with him, (maybe 2005), we came to a long hole I couldn’t reach with a driver, and he pulled out a Roc and parked it! I thought, “Wow! This guy has huge potential!”
-Paige Pierce: She won me over big time at the Pittsburgh World’s awards ceremony. Her empathy for what Sarah Hokum had gone through was palpable. It choked me up. Also, watching her drive reminds me of the importance of form and fast hip rotation. She generates so much speed and distance!
-Paul McBeth: He’s a really good guy, and he is incredible in every aspect of the game. I’m in awe when I see him play; so fun to watch!
-Ricky Wysocki: I can’t put my finger on it, but watching his putt is often more helpful to me than actual practice! Also amazing to watch.

Disc Golf Goals: Improve my strength and conditioning, play a few more events, improve my consistency. .

Life Goals: Always striving for a bigger love filled heart; to be a better person, husband, and father; and to be more patient.

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