Top 5 Courses:

  • DeLaveaga -Santa Cruz, CA
  • Turtle Rock – Markleeville, CA
  • Milo McIver – Estacada, OR
  • Sierra College -Truckee, CA
  • Ewing Park – Des Moines, IA

Why those courses: I am fortunate to call Dela a home course, and can get to the course in about 35 minutes from home, playing there regularly improves not just your physical game, but it sharpens you mentally as well. Turtle Rock is such a gem, each hole is unique and offers terrific yet makeable challenges. Milo is a challenging and terrific track that keeps you focusing the whole round, but seeing all the worlds best disc golfers take it on is something special. Sierra College has so many trees, yet when you can control your lines, its so rewarding. When I played Ewing at the US Masters, the discs just seemed to fly like they are supposed to. When the game starts to feel like you will make every shot, it cements a special place in your mind.

Eric Stachnick

PDGA: #19980


Division: Pro

Years Playing: 20

Height: 6’0”

Birthday: 6/25/1973

Hometown: San Jose, Ca

Currently Living: San Jose, Ca

Dominant Hand: Left Handed

Most Significant Events: 7th place finish at the 2017 US Masters

Best Disc Golf Memory: That’s the best part about playing Disc Golf, making the memories at each stop with fellow Disc Golfers. This last season playing Turtle Rock in Markleeville, Ca, a group of us camped and played putting games all weekend. I came out strong and was leading after the first day. I loved how everyone came by the site to challenge me to putting games and size me up. Although, I could not hold on for the win, and eventually slipped to second, I enjoy how tournaments like Turtle Rock allow us all to bond on and off the course all weekend.

Favorite Disc: Cannon, Patriot

In the Bag: Compa Hunters, Legend Clozer, Legend Enemy, Pinnacle Gauge, Pinnacle Ghost, Icon Cannon, Pinnacle Outlaw, Icon Patriot, Pinnacle Rivals, Icon Phenom, Sparkle Nemesis, Pinnacle Rampage, Pinnacle Cannon, “Silver Surfer” Legend Cannon,  Mongoose, and Icon Pursuit.

Strongest Part of Game: Control, and trust in my lines

Sponsors: Legacy Discs, and Foxtower

Favorite Players: I admire so many players: Peter Sontag and Mike Loya inspired me when I just got into this game 20 years ago, they still inspire me today. Doug Werner and I have been playing together for ever. He is ageless and amazing and I have been trying to be as consistent as him for as long as I can remember. Jon Baldwin, Nate Doss, Steve Rico; not only have I studied the way they play to improve my own game, I also respect the way they carry themselves as professionals. Greg Barsby: I have had the fortune of watching him grow up, chase the dream, and become a World Champ, all the while remaining one of the most likeable and personable guys you will ever meet.

Disc Golf Goals: To continue to raise my game and remain as consistent as possible, and to throw my hat into the biggest rings and prove I can compete with anyone.

Life Goals: To make connections, to love life, to raise my sons to do the same, and to grow old with my amazing wife.

Gauge goes strait

Chasing the Legacy

Outlaw, or Rival? Either choice means you win!

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