Top 5 Courses:

  • Woodland Greens Farm – Anabel, MO
  • Mesker Woods – Evansville, IN
  • Harmony Bends – Columbia, MO
  • Mt Lemmon temp course – Summerhaven, AZ
  • North Bonneville DGC -North Bonneville, WA

Why those courses: Woodland because its on my family property and I’ve put in the labor and hard work to watch it come to life. Mt Lemmon for the mountain experience and the memories that have been created there for me. Mesker Woods because I love throwing in the woods and also because I currently am tied for the course record. Harmony Bends because it kicks my ass every time I go there but somehow I fight to under course par.

Derek Green

PDGA: #48445


Division: Pro

Years Playing: 11

Height: 5’9”

Birthday: April 16, 1983

Hometown: Moscow Mills, Missouri

Currently Living: St. Charles, Missouri

Dominant Hand: Right

Most Significant Events: Took this as the events that mean the most to me…. Mid America Open, Midwest Showdown, Lemmon Drop, Pumpkin Shootout

Best Disc Golf Memory: Watching my son get his 1st Ace @ 2018 Kids Championships in Visalia, CA

Favorite Disc: Very hard to pick just one but if I had to only take 1 out for a round it’d be a Rival

In the Bag: 3 Gravity Clozers(putting)
1 Gravity Clozer & Gravity Glow Clozer(throwing)
1 Icon Clozer(throwing)
1 EXP Pinnacle Clozer(throwing) gets switched with Icon depending on the weather
2 Gravity Ghosts(1 beat up more then the other)
1 Confidence Clash Pinnacle Vandal(Valor)
1 Red Gummy Icon Ghost
1 Pinnacle & 1 Legend Pursuit
1 Test Drive Pinnacle Phenom
2 HoneyBee Rivals
1 Silver Sparkle Enemy
1 Blue Legend Mongoose
2 FR Pink Outlaws
1 LW Pink Outlaw
1 LW Swirly Outlaw
1 Swirly Outlaw
1 very special Pinn/Emerald/Legend Outlaw

Strongest Part of Game: Throwing in the woods/ giving back to the community

Sponsors: Legacy Discs, Sean Garner/Team Shaka, Smokin Aces Disc Golf Shop/Mike Taylor & Bernie Hertwick, Red Eye Disc Golf/Ryan Sanders, Rise Above Disc Golf/Collins Nance

Favorite Players: Every competitor/player I’ve ever met because they are getting the same love for this awesome game that I am

Disc Golf Goals: To become a consistent 1000 rated player and be looked up to amongst my fellow competitors for not only what I do on the course but what I do off of it.

Life Goals: : Be the best person I can be and leave a legacy while I enjoy my time here on this Earth that people speak highly about after I am gone

2017 Smokin Aces Disc Golf Championship Round

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