Legacy Discs is a family owned and operated company, which has been serving the disc golf community for 6 years.


The road to becoming a manufacture has taken over 30 years to establish where we are today. The Rico Family began the journey as players in the sport in the mid 80’s. Over the past 30 years our relationship to the sport escalated to competitive play throughout the United States.


As the experience level grew in the sport so did the ambitions of our family. We would eventually become tournament organizers, promoting Disc sports all over Southern California and soon found ourselves at new crossroads as to what would be the next level in our disc golf careers.

It was at a tournament in 2010 that a discussion arose among a close circle of friends.

We discussed what discs could be produced and how the eventual growth of the sport would provide new opportunities to influence the disc golf tournament circuit. The idea of Legacy Discs was born and that idea soon became our goal to make our first Golf Disc. The excitement caused us to leap into action before we had a plan. As we all know that the excitement can get the best of us sometimes, we now had to learn and do it very fast.

Although we had some unsuspected lessons, we managed to create our first disc. It was a speed 14 that we named the Rampage.

The Rampage took off and we found ourselves learning the ropes of manufacturing and promotions on a whole new level. Our family background came from construction which is a big difference from where we were headed. We have been so fortunate in the sport to have met so many great people and create relationships that have given our newborn company a chance in the growing industry. Today Legacy Discs has grown into a position to help fuel the disc golf industry.

Legacy Discs now offers a wide variety of programs to suit the industry needs.

Legacy Discs not only can offer products to the market place but also products with sponsorship programs for growing the sport in supporting tournament circuits. Legacy Discs is committed to creating the best products suited for your needs. Our goal is to offer the best customer service and creating new innovative designs to excel the expectations of our sport.

Thank you for your continuous support!


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